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  • Did you know about 80 billion pounds of food waste are discarded in U.S. landfills each year? Let's get back to basics: reduce food waste and donate to feed the hungry.

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  • Wait? Can you make a appetizer with extra fish parts for $0.13 prep cost? Yep!

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  • Turn out the lights! Remember: if no one is in the room, lights don't need to be left on. Let occupancy sensors do the work!

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  • Got plants? They need water. Get some handy tips to make every drop count.

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Featured Video

Fats, Oils, & Grease: The Right and Wrong Way to Dispose of FOG
FOG can clog up your restaurants’ pipes, create foul odors and close your business if the sewer overflows. Follow these best practices by Frank and Beans of the National Restaurant Association to keep your sewer flowing smoothly. See video here.




Make sustainability into a standard practice

Richard Young has been a passionate sustainability educator for 20 years at the Food Service Technology Center. Learn how you can improve your bottom line through energy and water efficiency and make sustainability a standard practice!

Chew on Chesapeake Bay invasive species

Edible DC asks, "How tasty are the snakehead fish, Chinese mitten crabs and blue catfish currently destroying the Chesapeak Bay ecosystem?" Find out on their latest blog here

What a farmer can teach a chef

From our friends at Foodable Network, hear about the role farmers play in how chefs tell stories through ecologically growing food.

New compost label coming soon?

How2Compost label aims to get people to properly separate their packaging for compostable foodservice ware. Read full blog here.

Starting the conversation about food waste

Have you started minimizing your food waste? Get the details to launch your efforts here!   


Quick fix: check & set refrig. thermostats

Want a cheap and easy way to save money? Learn both how and why to properly set your walk-in refrigerator temperature while maintaining safe food temperatures. 

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Need help with sustainability? The Conserve program is for you! 

Quickly learn how to implement simple, cost effective sustainability efforts that improve your business. Start with easy best practices and save money, energy and water. Then graduate to more in-depth, inspiring efforts.

Conserve offers real-world success stories for free. Learn more about us here or get started with these low- and no-cost best practices: