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Conserve Energy

Restaurants use a lot of energy. Cafes, cafeterias, and all manner of foodservice businesses are like mini-power plants, using lots of energy to transform food into an eating experience. You do at least one of the following to your food:

  • Add energy to it (cooking or heating)
  • Keep it from spoiling (refrigeration)
  • Serve it up (lighting up your dining room so customers can see)
  • Clean it up (serving the food on dishware that requires cleaning)
  • Move it to new locations (food trucks, catering, mobile foodservice)

These core business efforts all require energy. On top of that, you want to keep your guests and employees happy. This means using even more energy — for heating, cooling, music, point-of-sale systems, kitchen ventilation, televisions... and the list goes on.

All of that is expensive, especially with rising energy costs and tight profit margins.

You're in luck, though. Conserve has tangible, tried-and-true ideas for how to save energy and money, as well as keep your guests happy.

See larger pie chart here


Best Practices

Install efficient hand dryers for high-velocity savings

Installing energy-efficient hand dryers in your restaurant's bathrooms is a smart way to save on utility costs. Wondering why? See the handful of reasons.

Get super local: grow veggies and save energy with a green roof

Want fresh summer veggies and cut down on heating and cooling costs? Find out how to make your roof green here.

Save your energy: Start-up and shut-down schedules

Implement and a start-up and shut-down schedule for your kitchen equipment, and communicate it to your team. The payoff can add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars per year.

Optimize hot water temperature for energy and cost savings

You pay for hot water three ways and those costs add up. One clear way to save on water heating costs is to check your water heater and optimize the temperature setting.

Tired of big electric bills?
Optimize your exhaust hoods

Your exhaust hood is invaluable it keeps grease, heat, smoke and odors out of your dining room. A few low-cost ventilation tips can help you optimize its performance and save you money.


For additional best practices, see our archive.