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Woman working in dishroom, moving tray of water glasses

Scrubbing and sanitizing dishes, the sustainable way

Follow smart buying and maintenance guidelines to get significant water and energy savings from your dishwashers. Here are some tips to get the most from your machine:

Maintain your machine

Maximize cleaning performance with regular maintenance. That includes:

Properly set rinse temperature and pressure.

Inspect and maintain the overflow bypass.

Replace worn rinse-arm nozzles.

Replace worn end curtains on conveyor machines.

Fix leaks.

Work with a local maintenance professional to service your dishwasher regularly (contact your appliance service company).


Select energy- and water-efficient models for replacements

Ask your dealer about energy-efficient purchasing options for Energy Star-certified dishwashers. Energy Star, label, dishwasher, energy and water efficientThose models save money on water and energy bills as well as sewer costs. Many utility companies offer rebates to offset the initial purchase price. Energy Star-certified commercial dishwashers are about 40 percent more energy- and 40 percent more water-efficient than standard models. They often feature advanced controls and diagnostics, improved nozzles and rinse-arm design and heat recovery.

The Energy Star label appears on high-temp (hot water sanitizing), low-temp (chemical sanitizing) and dual-sanitizing machines, including under-counter, conveyor and other styles. Energy Star also certifies glass-, pot/pan- and utensil-washing machines.


Run fully loaded dish racks through the dish machine

Cutting wash cycles could save you hundreds of dollars annually in energy, water and chemical charges.


Pay attention to your dishwasher’s pressure gauge

If it’s above 25 psi, there’s a good chance you’re using more water than necessary. Most dishwashers require about 20 psi.


Check your settings

Set conveyor-style models to auto mode. That saves electricity by running the conveyor motor only when needed.


Don’t overlook the rinse stage

Lean about the impressive savings from water-efficient pre-rinse spray valves.


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