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Hand Dryers

Install efficient hand dryers to generate high-velocity cost savings

Installing energy-efficient hand dryers in your restaurant's bathrooms is a smart way to save on utility costs. Wondering why? Here are a handful of reasons:

  • By replacing dispensers with hand dryers, you can reduce paper towel supply costs significantly as well as storage needs.
  • High-speed dryers are on for shorter periods of time and use fewer total watts. Many of the new high-speed dryers forgo the heating element, which significantly reduces energy consumption compared with those that deploy heated air. The result: you’ll reap savings on your energy bill.
  • Installation of efficient hand dryers offers you the opportunity to tell your guests about your environmentally responsible efforts. Consider labeling the hand dryers with environmental/savings information from its manufacturer. This is one way of showing your customers you are socially responsible and attempting to lessen your carbon foot print. (Customers do care about businesses protecting the environment. Check out our recent survey results.)

Video: Learn about high-velocity, energy-efficient hand dryers

Just how much can you save?

The savings benefit both independent and national restaurants. See the success stories below from one independent operator based in Chicago and one national operator with locations from New York to Las Vegas.


Success stories

Elizabeth Meltz, Batali & Bastianich Hospitality

“We have energy-efficient hand dryers in our employee and guest bathrooms. These dryers use 80% less energy than traditional hand dryers and dry hands in 10 to 15 seconds. They also cut our paper towel usage in half.”

Learn more about sustainability at Batali & Bastianich. Watch our Conserve Conversation with Elizabeth Meltz.



Helen Cameron, Chicago restaurateur

Helen Cameron, a restaurateur in Chicago, spent $3,000 on six accelerated hand dryers for her two restaurants. In one month she saved $1,000 on paper towel costs!

  • Savings breakdown:
  • Total purchase cost = $3,000
  • Saved $1,000 on paper towels, per month!
  • Annual savings = $24,000
  • She took that money and invested it in LED lighting for her restaurants.

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