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Food Waste is NOT "just part of running a restaurant."

Eliminate food waste. LeanPath can help!

National Restaurant Association members receive a 10% discount for automated food waste monitoring systems (LeanPath 360 and tablet-based LeanPath Zap).

What is LeanPath?


The first 25 organizations that sign up also receive a free 60-day subscription! See pricing and promotion details here.

Together with LeanPath, we want to change how you conceptualize food waste. Minimizing this waste has a triple bottom line impact: financial, social, and environmental.

Get started today with support from Conserve and LeanPath.

Why Use It?

1) Financial: save on food costs

  • LeanPath’s tracking and monitoring capabilities make it easy to record what’s being thrown out.
  • View mobile, real-time insights via email, text or in your LeanPath dashboard.
  • Make smarter data-based decisions on portioning and purchasing to shave up to 6% off your food costs.
  • Example: MGM Grand Buffet in Las Vegas, NV, is a high-demand, high-quality buffet that successfully reduced food waste by more than 80% and is now saving between $6,000 and $9,000 a month in food costs.

2) Social: engage your team!

  • Food waste monitoring engages your team and enables them to be the solution. It feels better to feed people than feed the landfill!
  • LeanPath has helped hundreds of foodservice operations of all sizes over the past ten years to create a waste fighting culture.
  • LeanPath provides free and engaging staff training.

3) Environment: operate sustainably

  • When you waste food, you also waste the resources that went into growing or producing it.
  • When food in a landfill rots, it becomes a significant source of methane emissions.
  • Reducing food waste helps your company leave a smaller environmental footprint.

Watch: Our Conserve Conversation with Andrew Shakman, LeanPath's president and CEO, explains the opportunity to improve your operations from the inside out.

Get started today with support from Conserve and LeanPath.


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